What you will gain through UnTeached?

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A comprehensive learning package for high-quality participation

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Dedicated Industrial Counsellor to meet your child's specific learning requirements

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Creative academic sessions to arouse imagination and thinking.

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Keep track of your child's area of interest & their strength using our LMS.

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Simple step-by-step directions assist the budding star through the process.

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Learn Science, Math, Art, Coding, and Robotics in our interactive sessions.

What will your child discover, with us?

Creativity is more than simply thinking outside the box; take advantage of the link between mind-body and toss out the entire box!
Our classes provide the same, through specially designed classes like,
– DIY Activities
– Writing,
– Visual art,
– Communication abilities

Problem-solving activities help in the brainstorming of young learners. Helps them to solve issues quickly and effectively. Some major activities are:
– Open-mindedness
– Moral dilemmas
– Teamwork to achieve the conclusion, activities,
– Decision-making activities, and many more.

Learning something new is like giving your brain a vitamin boost.
Robotics and coding provides

– learn computational thinking which enables them to develop cognitive skills and learn logical
and sequential thought processes.
– Logical reasoning and critical thinking
– Interpretation
– Rational thoughtful sessions

750+ Parents Trust UnTeached

My child loved the sessions. It provided my child to think apart from regular studies. It helped me in overcoming new-age difficulties and actively engaged my child at home. I would definitely recommend the courses that they provide.
I am a working woman, I didn’t have much time to spend with my children and on their studies. But UnTeached Academy has made it possible to excel in all the fields apart from just studies. The techniques they use are great. They are acting as backhand for all the success stories of my children in the past 3 months.
My child has been a part of the program for 6 months, and he has gained so much knowledge, his questions are never been unanswered. I am quite happy and satisfied with my child’s performance.

Upcoming Classes

Coding for Kids

DIY Science

Offline Classes

Why UnTeached is the best replacement for Normal tution centre

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Activity based learning provide the finest home learning experience possible

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Fun DIY activities based on the ideas of Play way Method, and the Multiple Intelligences

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Active learning system: Interactive activities on regular basis

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Finding of your child's area of intrest & their strength

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Fun studying in the safety and comfort of your own home

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Attractive activities that emphasize the development of the essentials abilities in growing children

We analyse the child’s interest and then formulate a customized teaching methodology. We identify the right talent of the students

UnTeached, it’s more than simply an academy; it’s a sentiment, a promise made by us for your children growth

We have evolved technology, and our system of providing education is according to the learner’s needs

We are not just a tuition centre but a Good place for development of little kids


UnTeached offers a hybrid learning program that combines the best of virtual experience and hands-on learning.

Specific batches with a limited number of students are being formulated starting from grade 3 to grade 10.

We provide dedicated industry experts to each group/ team of students. And they are available from 9: 00 AM to 8:00 PM. Otherwise, you can send a message to the coordinator and we schedule meets for doubt clarification.

We provide customized courses according to the child’s preferences. The average time devotion required is 8 hours per week.

We provide access to our APP, downloadable on iOS and Androids, which reflects the daily performance of the learner.